The season ahead…

The COVID-19 outbreak is going to have a serious impact on tourism, but it certainly won’t stop the dreaded midge from appearing! The 2020 midge season is fast approaching. We would expect to see the first batch of midges around May peaking in June. However, we have had a very wet and stormy couple of months. The weather is now improving, so we will need to wait and see!

If we cast our minds back to 2015, the midge season was very delayed thanks to wet, windy, cold weather. There is a chance that this winters bad weather will have a similar impact on midge numbers. We usually have two peaks of midges during the summer, however, when there is a poor start to the season, it can often mean a third peak around autumn if the weather is right.

If you suffer your first midge bite, let us know via social media.


We have been made aware that ticks are on the loose around Scotland (and possibly beyond). Reports to our social media have informed us of some bites. If you are out and about in long grass, please use Smidge to protect yourself from tick bites. If you are bitten, use our quick untick card or remover to carefully remove it.

Midge Forecast

Regardless of COVID-19, we will be relaunching the midge forecast around May. We also hope that it will have improved accuracy and information with new midge trap stations across the country. Although, these improvements may be delayed due to COVID-19 and our inability to leave the house! I’d like to thank everyone that has volunteered to have a trap in their garden/farm or similar! We’ve not got in touch with anyone yet, but I promise we will!

Smidge Events

Smidge attends various events and shows every year. We planned to attend a few shows this year but they have all been cancelled or postponed. Hopefully we will have some announcements to make in the near future and coming to a show or event near you.

Meanwhile, we hope all our customers are safe and well during these difficult times.