The Scottish Midge Forecast

The Scottish Midge Forecast

Keep one step ahead of midges

The Scottish Midge Forecast is created using data collected from biting midge traps and mini-weather stations across Scotland.

This is extended using weather forecast data, giving you a big picture view of midge levels across Scotland throughout the season.

Get ready for your next adventure. SMIDGE UP and get out there!


We use a scale of 1 to 5 depending on the number of biting midges there are. With level 5 being the most annoying.

Click a midge on the map to see the five day forecast for that area.

Midge Level 1No flies on me!
Midge Level 2Mostly midge free
Midge Level 3Time to make yourself repellent!
Midge Level 4That’s no mist, that’s midges!
Midge Level 5Smidge up and be thankful!
15th July 2024