The Science

The Science of Smidge

Scientifically field tested

Smidge has been scientifically field tested on the soft, fleshy parts of brave souls in the harshest regions of Scotland. Thanks to those fearless men and women, you can rely on Smidge to keep the beasties at bay during your next adventure.

Field testing Smidge

Smidge stops midges biting you in two ways

20% Picaridin

It stops midges finding you

The active ingredient in Smidge (Picaridin, also known as Saltidin) has been molecularly designed to effectively block the antennal receptors of biting insects. Basically, it throws them off your scent.


It stops you tasting so good

As you Smidge up, you’ll notice a pleasant fragrance and appealing moisturising qualities but to landing midges or mosquitoes, you’ll taste like planet putrid.

Effective, Safe Protection

Smidge works against a broad spectrum of biting pests, including mosquitoes and ticks
In fact Smidge provides up to 8 hours protection against all of these biting beasties:

Biting Midges

Midge Illustration

Biting nuisance to man and very occasionally, nasty allergic reactions to their bites.


Mosquito Illustration

Multiple species, responsible for transmitting a variety of disease to humans including Dengue fever, Yellow fever, Zika virus and of course malaria. 


Tick Illustration

Nasty bites if not removed quickly and can be infected with bacteria causing Lyme disease.

Horse flies

Extremely painful bites.


Itchy bites, that can become infected.  Can occasionally (but rarely in the UK) carry diseases such as typhus.

The World Health Organisation have concluded that the active ingredient in Smidge (20% Picaridin (Saltidin®)) demonstrated excellent repellent properties comparable and often superior to those of DEET (WHO, 2000) and recommended its use for travellers against mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects (WHO, 2012).

Arm yourself with Smidge and win the fight against those biters

8 Hour Protection

8 hour protection

The arms speak for themselves after a night exposed to Scottish biting midges.

Water resistant

Water and sweat resistant

Smidge has a unique, patented formula making it the UK Europe’s only water resistant insect repellent. Just remember to re-apply Smidge every 8 hours, or more often following swimming, intense exercise or exposure to very wet or humid conditions.

Family Safe

Safe for all the family

Smidge is safe for use on adults (including pregnant women) and children over 24 months. It is non-sticky, and moisturising too, with a pleasant fragrance. So not only will you dodge the midges, you’ll smell good on your next camping holiday to boot!

Get ready for your next adventure. SMIDGE UP and get out there!