2021 Midge Season Update

With the 2021 midge season fast approaching and lockdown easing around Scotland and the rest of the UK, we thought we’d put out a short blog on what you might expect from the early midge season.

The first real emergence of midges is (as always) expected in May, with a first generation peak in June. However, an unusually cold start to the spring could have an impact on their arrival. It’s possible we will see the peak come a little later than usual, like we did back in 2015 after a very wet, windy and cold spring. The cold, snowy winter is unlikely to have an impact on this season’s midge population; they survive the winter in the juvenile, larval stage, buried in the soil, a few centimetres from the surface where they are protected from ground frosts.

We’ve had plenty reports of non-biting midges but as soon as you see your first  biting midges, pop us an email or a tweet.

Midge Traps

 We have a very limited number of Predator traps available, and when I say limited, I really mean it! If you need the ultimate midge beating tool, this is for you.Get in touch with us to discuss or you can purchase directly here.

Midge Forecast

As always, this will be relaunching in May. We are always working to improve our forecast and hope to do so this year. If you have a midge trap in your garden/area, please get in touch if you’re willing to help.


Ticks are hardier than midges and will be out and about already, albeit in lower numbers. If you’re out and about, make sure to prepare for ticks with Smidge spray and carry an untick card or hooks to carefully remove any ticks that have bitten.

Stay safe and if you have any questions about midges, ticks or mosquitoes, feel free to get in touch!