Scientifically field-tested

Smidge has been scientifically field-tested on the soft, fleshy parts of brave souls in the harshest regions of Scotland. Thanks to those fearless men and women, you can rely on Smidge to keep the beasties at bay during your next adventure.

Effective, Safe Protection

Smidge has a tough, yet family-friendly formula containing 20% Picaridin (Saltidin®), an active ingredient giving you instant protection for up to 8 hours. Yet unlike DEET, Smidge is non-corrosive, and won’t melt your watch or your boots. As you can see from the chart below it works across a broad spectrum of biting pests, including mosquitoes (vectors for Zika Virus and Malaria) and ticks (vectors for Lyme disease).

In fact, the World Health Organisation have concluded that the active ingredient in Smidge (20% Picaridin (Saltidin®)) demonstrated excellent repellent properties comparable and often superior to those of DEET (WHO, 2000) and recommended its use for travellers against mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects (WHO, 2012.) Arm yourself with Smidge and win the fight against those biters.

Repellent Efficacy of 20% Saltidin


The arms speak for themselves after a night exposed to Scottish biting midges. The arms speak for themselves after a night exposed to Scottish biting midges.

WATER and SWEAT resistant

Smidge has a unique patented formula making it Europe’s only water resistant insect repellent. Just remember to re-apply Smidge every 8 hours, or more often following swimming, intense exercise or exposure to very wet or humid conditions.

SAFE for all the family from 2+ years

Smidge is safe for use on adults and children over 24 months. It is non-sticky, and moisturising too with a pleasant fragrance because it has also been tested to rigorous cosmetic standards. So not only will you dodge the midges, you’ll smell good on your next camping holiday to boot!

Also works on MOSQUITOES

Smidge is scientifically proven to be effective against mosquitoes, biting midges, horse flies, sand flies and ticks.