Midge Season 2018

With a cool start to the year, it looks like we are unlikely to see an early start to the midge season, as in 2017 when emergence was high in early-mid May, resulting in bumper numbers of midges by the end of the month.

Average temperatures during March and April 2018 have been around 3 degrees lower than 2017 and so the anticipation is that we will see a more “normal” midge season, with the first peak catches in our monitoring traps occurring in the last week of May/first week of June.

Between now and then, however, with weather forecasters predicting rising temperatures over the Bank Holiday weekend, overwintering midge larvae just below the soil surface will be beginning to pupate in preparation for emergence and it’s likely that there will some local incidences of midges becoming more noticeable over the coming days.

We are always keen to here of the first midges reports of the season; email us your sightings at hello@apsbiocontrol.com or find us on twitter (@MidgeForecast).