Tick Watch

We Need Your Help!

COVID-19 might have cancelled or delayed your summer holiday but it won’t stop midges and ticks from being a nuisance! As many people are taking advantage of the outdoors for their daily exercise, we are hearing reports of ticks starting to emerge around the UK.

So, we thought we would try something a little different this year. Alongside the midge forecast (coming next month), we are launching a simple “tick watch” map. We are asking you to report tick sightings/bites to us, we can then plot these on a map for the public to use and identify tick infested areas. Include photos if you can and also let us know if you spot any midges.

You can contact us via social media on our Twitter or Facebook pages. You can also drop me an email.

Of course, we recommend you use Smidge to stop ticks from biting, and the Smidge quick untick card to remove them should you be bitten.