Predator Traps for Managing Midge Populations

The dreaded midges are starting to emerge, with the first large peak anticipated in early June. We’ve had reports from around Scotland already and have come across them ourselves.

Whilst repellents like Smidge® are the best personal protection for when you’re out and about, it is possible to reduce the numbers of midges on a local level, be it in a garden, golf course, farm or other outdoor area.  During 2020 the Smidge team is working with the Predator Trap for just this purpose.  Effectively mimicking a potential bloodmeal host for the midge, the traps draw blood-seeking females midges to them.  Deployed early enough in the season, they can make a significant contribution to reducing the overall biting nuisance.  In previous trials with the traps, we have caught almost 3.3 million unfed female midges with two traps across a season.

The traps are available now on the Smidge store and we are happy to provide any advice over the phone or via email.

This machine uses 6 key cues to attract blood-seeking midges (and also mosquitoes), all of which combine to effectively trick them into thinking that they are homing in onto a tasty meal:

  • Breath – CO2, moisture and heat
  • Heat – body temperature
  • Body odour (using an octenol lure)
  • Movement – blinking LED lights
  • Visual – patterned white & black sticky paper
  • Light – 360 degrees attraction using UV LED’s

Midges are trapped inside and collected in a water tray that is easily removed and emptied. The Predator is powered by a propane cylinder, which will need to be replaced, along with the octenol lure, approximately every 28 days.

If you want more information about the Predator trap, please get in touch.  The Smidge team also uses the traps to develop larger midge-management programmes for businesses looking for bespoke solutions and we are happy to discuss any project, no matter what size.